Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Scribble

How conveeeenient, as the Church Lady would say. For someone who prides himself on not watching the polls, you sure come up with some timely diversionary tactics when you most need them, Bush. First it was the New York terror threat this week. Very nice. And then, yesterday, the great Asian flu discussions at the White House--suddenly it gets to be serious, after years of dithering. A double scare, then, for the American people. But what a tired old strategy, Bush. Can't your people come up with something, well, more imaginative, and more positive, by way of a diversion from the growing disaster of your presidency?

And then, I note, your old nemesis Mohamed ElBaradei gets the Nobel Peace Prize, with his International Atomic Energy Commission--you know, the folks who were right about those mythical weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when you were wrong. A bit galling, I'd guess.

And then... is God mad at us, or what? Not content with Katrina and Rita, He now devastates Central America with His floods and mudslides, and kills thousands more in Pakistan with a 7.6 earthquake. You need to have a word with Him, Bush, since you're on such good terms. And this time, it would help us all if you'd listen to what He really says, not what you want to hear Him say. Okay?

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