Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm thinking about the referendum on the Iraqi constitution, Bush, and I'm truly hoping that it does go well. I'm hoping the day passes, miraculously, without violence. I'm hoping the Sunni Muslims get to be fully represented in the vote. I'm hoping the Shiites and the Kurds will be generous and compassionate, to each other as well as to the Sunnis. I'm hoping that the vote will result in a common vision for the future of the country, and a sound basis for a new political reality. I'm hoping the power of this vision will be compelling enough to counterbalance the destructive vision of the insurgents. I'm hoping the vast numbers of innocent and good-hearted Iraqi people will soon be able to enjoy the peace and security they deserve, and that their children will be able to grow up in a world freed from the threat of bombs. I'm hoping that the Iraqi police and military will rapidly grow strong, and fair, and trustworthy enough to take over the protection of the people and their cities. I'm hoping that those American men and women from whom so much has been required, and who have given so much, will soon be able to return safely to their homes and families.

I'm hoping all this, Bush. And I'm realizing, at the same time, that this is an awful lot of hope to hang on only the smallest thread of possibility. And I have to say that your staged speeches and events--such as that absurd satellite photo-op pep talk with a dozen hand-picked soldiers--do very little to inspire my faith. They look more like desperate measures to restore your standing in the polls. And with your Rove in trouble, even the machinations of spin-doctoring could very easily come unraveled. This is a dangerous moment for you, Bush. Further lies and deceptions will only get you deeper in the mire you have created. It's time, if you can stand it, for a cold shower in those bleak barracks of reality. It's time to tell some truth.

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PK said...

I know, I hope he gets it together too. Truth has a way of sneeking up on one. You might want to read this. Gives one the fealing things are heating up.