Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ready Or Not..

...today and tomorrow are moving days. I mean, finally. Unavoidably. No more delays. Escrow closes (I was about to say "expires": shows my state of mind, Bush!) on our old house tomorrow, and like it or not we have to be gone by five p.m. Trouble is, there's STILL not a single room in the new house that is actually finished, complete, and emptied of the contractor's people, debris, and dust. So where are we to put the things that we have to move out? A conumdrum. It kept me awake for too much of the night, and I can't afford to be tired during the day.

Anyway, bottom line, don't expect too much of me in the next couple of days, Bush. For today, I'm still appalled by the dreadful devastation in Pakistan, and--as always when these great earthquakes occur--made very much aware of where we're living. It seems odd from today's perspective, but I actually rather enjoyed the first big earthquake I experienced, back in 1971. It seemed like a great ride. Maybe I was just young enough to still be feeling immortal. It was the big Northridge quake in 1993 that really put the fear of God in me. Even though at some distance from the epicenter, we had considerable damage on our hill: something to do with the way the shock waves traveled. Since then, not a night goes by without my thinking at some point, usually early morning, about the possibility of a recurrence. Not really a possibility, though. It's a certainty. The only question is, when?

Not today. Please. And not tomorrow. We need that close of escrow!

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