Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Incredible Progress

Two thousand dead. And that's counting only the Americans. If anyone's counting the Iraqis who have died, they're keep very quiet about the numbers. But let's say tens of thousands. You say that they are making "incredible political progress" over there, even as you make a mournful public face about the dead. I don't believe you. I confess, with shame, that I was misled into believing you about those weapons of mass destruction. Many, wiser than I, were more skeptical.

But fool me once, as they say, and shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I'm not about to be fooled a second time by your shameless rhetoric. Unable to admit to a mistake, you persist in painting--perhaps even believing in--these rosy pictures of success, despite all evidence to the contrary. Now you try to sell me your ratified constitution, and I'm not buying, Bush. It's a fictitious, cobbled-together piece of paper that does nothing to heal the centuries-deep wounds between equally intolerant and fanatical religious factions. I count the tens of thousands dead, and I lay responsibility for them at your door. Correction: at our door, Bush, since we, God help us, in our collective unwisdom as a country, elected you to sit in the chair of the "most powerful person in the world." We can't walk away from our own responsibility in this.

Aside from that sad and angry marking of another milestone in this endless, messy tragedy, today's entry is intended just to give you notice that I'm leaving tomorrow early for the airport and flying down to San Miguel de Allende for a week. I'm doing a reading (much of it from these diaries,) and Ellie and I are offering a workshop there, for artists and writers. As of this writing, I'm not even sure I'll take my laptop yet. I may leave it at home, and take a holiday from this work we do together. If I do take it with me, if I do find a easily usable connection, you might be hearing from me. If not, not. Meantime, good luck with indictments, Bush. Good luck with your Miers. I think you're going to need it in both instances. Your heart must be in your (commander-in-chief's: remember?) boots.

Don't abandon me now, Bush, if you don't hear anything for a while. I will be back.


ThinksOutLoud said...

FYI: Today's NYT -

"In one count, compiled by Iraq Body Count, a United States-based nonprofit group that tracks the civilian deaths using news media reports, the total of Iraqi dead since the American-led invasion is 26,690 to 30,051. "

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Thinks. Good to hear from you. And I hadn't gotten around to the NYT today.

PK said...

Yes, well, as if there aren't enough problems, Bush has taken it apon himself to go after Syria. Wonder whose body count will be higher on that one? Wonder who will back Syria? Wonder who will back Bush? Not in my name.

PK said...

If you are watching this, from your space and time, you might want to catch Ms. Dowd's piece in the Times. Rather scathing, however, a very good assessment. Hope your buisness/vacation is a good one.