Thursday, July 14, 2005

Your Rove

It's not only what your Rove did, Bush, in outing a CIA agent to the press--and let's not argue over the fine point as to whether he actually uttered her name or simpy identified her as "Joe Wilson's wife." That was outrageous enough in itself, and surely a criminal offense, no? What makes it worse is the petty, vengeful motivation, to get back at Wilson for having the guts (or the gall, depending on your point of view) to expose your lies, Bush, to the press and, through the press, to the public. A fat lot of good it did anyway: you still went to war, with still the same lies to back you up. But think of how it looks to the world: a man gets back at another man by attacking his wife? For God's sake, Bush. Even in a world where chivalry has admittedly been dead for a few centuries, this makes your guy look like a cad and a coward of the worst order.

And the next bad thing is the sheer, bald-faced, outrageous hypocrisy of the man--and, by only a short extension, of you and your administration. I'm talking about those good, Christian values that you preach. About restoring honor to the White House. You talk the talk, very loud, very clear, then you turn around, do the dirty, and lie in your teeth to deny it, cover it up, and fight tooth and nail to prevent anyone else from discovering it. And then you wriggle on the hook--with a smirk on your face--when the whole thing begins to stink too foul to keep the lid on it (sorry about this horrible mixture of metaphors, Bush: I guess I'm getting carried away!) with more prevarications and split hairs (there I go again!) You refuse, in great demonstrations of self-righteousness, to comment on "an ongoing criminal investigation."

So, tell me, Bush, just how long has this investigation been going on? And how much longer will it need to be pursued, now that there's evidence to document your Rove's cowardly act? How many i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed before you make good on your promise to fire anyone involved in the outing of a CIA agent? Or are you, Bush, as cowardly as your Rove? You suited up in your shining armor to lead this disastrous crusade you got us into. Is Rove now to be your maiden in distress? Do you know how to blush?

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