Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday, November 18

Well, we're slowly gathering readership, Bush. And response. From Wales, UK: "Your blog has become part of our daily reading." Wow! That's wonderful. From Malibu, CA: "I have perused it a few times and was touched by it today"--that was yesterday's poem. From Sierra Madre, CA: "Your writing has a maturity that doesn't care about itself, only the urgency of the message. You don't try to please. You don't back down. You beat the drum until there is no longer breath." Can't beat that for a comment. And I read the Margaret Hassan poem last night, at the meeting of one of the artists' support groups that my wife and I facilitate, and was thrilled with their response. I want to try to get it on the rqadio.
I know you'll be pleased to hear all this. Along with the numerous personal contacts I've had, these wonderful compliments feed my enthusiasm to keep our one-sided dialogue going. Today, I'm wondering what you're thinking about your House Republicans? Nice trick, no? To change the rules so that your hatchet man, Tom Delay, can keep on hatcheting even if (I wanted to say when) he gets indicted? But a bit of an irony, you have to admit, in view of the "moral values" issue on which they say you got elected. Sounds more like E-Bay values to me. Buy and sell. Except that E-Bay does work hard to keep things honest.
Sorry to be so cynical today, Bush. Sometimes it just gets me that way. At least you'll be happy with my brevity.

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