Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday, November 14

Sunday. I was planning to keep quiet today, Bush, so that you could have a quiet day with your Jesus. But then I saw a column in the NY Times (Maureen Dowd--I understand she's been banished from your White House) about how the evangelical Christians who clinched your re-election are demanding payback and hounding those whom they judge to be heretical to their causes. And I had to say it, Bush, at the risk of disturbing your Sunday: their Jesus, your Jesus, is not my Jesus. My father was a minister of the Church of England in a small country parish. The Jesus he taught me about, as a child, was the Jesus who said "The meek shall inherit the earth." I have to tell you that at this point in my life I'm more with Buddha than with Jesus, but the Jesus I continue to honor is a good deal like my Buddha: he preaches peace, compassion, tolerance, a fearless hearing for the views of others, understanding… and the constant questioning of faith. That was my father. The Christians who are shouting loudest now are the most un-Christian Christians I have ever heard of. Are you going to listen to these people, Bush? Are you going to let them define your place in history? I hope not.

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