Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday, November 29

…and speaking of market (and television news), I saw the new talking George W. Bush action doll on the news last night! Did they run this one by you, Bush? I know Arnold has a lawsuit pending--or was it settled?--against a toy company for appropriating his image for a similar product. On the premise, I suppose, that his image is his "intellectual property." This George W. Bush has two different costumes, a grey business suit and a flight suit (remember that aircraft carrier?!) and speaks a couple of nice patriotic phrases (in your voice, Bush!) when you push a button. I guess they've brought it out in time to market it for Christmas. Forgive my brevity this morning, Bush. I'm frankly a bit dispirited by all this holiday spirit, but I do have a poem for the day, to celebrate the new arrival.

Here he is…

Well, here he is, neatly
packaged in his small
box, ready for the Xmas
market, the all-new
George W. Bush talking
action figure. Really.
If you don't believe me,
check it out online.
He has two costumes,
his grey business suit
with its bright red tie
and his fighter pilot
flight suit. When you
push his button he has
some nice patriotic
words for your children
to remember. Maybe
George could play with
Ken and Barbie. He could
send Ken off to his war,
and hump Barbie while
Ken is gone. He could
drive Barbie's pink car
and swim in her pool with
her friends. He could
take off in a fighter plane
and land it on the deck
of a US aircraft carrier.
He could climb down from
the fighter plane and say
"Mission Accomplished."

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