Saturday, October 28, 2006

Somalia: the New Afghanistan?

I find it interesting, always, to keep an eye on the BBC World News--especially when they lead with stories that are mentioned nowhere in the American media. Last night, Bush, it happened to be Somalia, where they depict an international crisis looming with the strict Islamists gaining power, primarily by catering to the needs of the poor and needy. Smart move. I wonder why we're not contemplating the same preventative kind of action in areas where violence and deprivation increase the appeal of strong protectors, no matter their fanatical agenda. In Somalia, according to the BBC report, aside from their attention to pressing social needs, the Islamists are also bringing a return to strict sharia law--and sanctuary for the Al Qaeda-style training of militias and potential terrorists. I suppose it's not unrelated to what's happening in Sudan.

The question I have this morning, Bush, is this: what are we doing in places like Somalia and Sudan to stunt the growth of fanatical extremist movements, and to provide those most susceptible to their propaganda with reasonable alternatives to better their lives? I hope that it's something more positive than the average citizen like myself can see, because frankly I see little of any substance. On the contrary, I see mainly acts of violent repression, attempting to extinguish fires that are already blazing--acts which serve only to stimulate distrust and anger.

Let's try addressing the causes of these crises in strategic areas, before they flare up into full-scale conflagrations. It might be more effective, certainly more humane, and a whole lot cheaper in the long run than going to war.


denn said...

To the definition, I have added: To possess a truly spiritual nature is to act from the deepest understanding of the universe in reverence to it and in accordance with it.

Of course, Bush utterly fails this requirement.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Western powers will do what they have always done, try to install a DICTATOR or kill people with F-16s.

However, I vote for the Islamist movement in Somalia, they are finally providing law and order in that beautiful country. Yes, a beautiful country.

Whatever force keeps the greedy hands of Westerners OFF of this country and the Middle East in general I support. If it is AlQaeda, so be it.

It is Western interference in these areas that have caused the MOST harm.

The question I have is what is the world doing to stunt the growth of radical fanatical Christian materialistic capitalism?

I see nothing bad with a rural Islamic way of life. Money and material items do not make a human, human. Although I hear the Christian god now wants Christians to be RICH. Pretty funny stuff.