Friday, October 06, 2006

"More Important Things"

I spent the entire day yesterday in bed, Bush. I haven't done that for years. If I didn't feel so guilty about it, I'd spend today in bed, too. But here I am. I dragged myself out from under the covers, took a shower and shave, and staggered to the computer so that you should not go another whole day without hearing from me.

A day in bed allows all kinds of things that wouldn't otherwise be possible. For instance, I watched the entirety of your Hastert's dismissively perfunctory "new conference", widely touted among your Republican allies as a courageous act of accountability. I have to say, Bush, I didn't see it that way. "I'm deeply sorry" doesn't cut it with me without some restorative action to recover his integrity. Instead of which, this leader of the House majority made a hasty, self-serving statement, hurried through a couple of questions, and waddled off away from the cameras. It sounded much more like a cop-out than an acceptance of responsibility.

What I'm hearing more and more--I heard it several times yesterday, including from your personal spokesman, Tony Snow--is that it's time to move on to "more important things." As if anything, Bush, were more important than our ability, in what you boast to be our "democracy," to trust our representatives. That's basic. That's the sine qua non. The without which, not.

Which brings me to Keith Olberman's magnificant diatribe on last night's Countdown. I doubt very much you heard it, Bush. I imagine they keep you cocooned from critical analyses of this kind. But this one was, precisely, about trust. It was about your habitual, long-standing, unrepentent abuse of our trust. It was about the lies you tell--about your war, about Democratic critics of your policies (inventing words they never said to tar their reputation,) about the state of the nation and the state of the world. Olberman confronted you mercilessly with a long list the demonstrable lies not only you, but also leading members of your administration have habitually told--you Rice, your Rumsfeld and, perhaps worst of all, your Cheney.

Since you and your people have been trying to shift responsibility lately, pointing accusing fingers at Bill Clinton, I'm sure you'll be ready with the quick response that Clinton lied. Granted. But Clinton's lie--by no means noble--was a vain and clumsy effort to protect himself and his family from embarrassment. It did not lead to countless deaths in the Middle East. It was not a planned and conscious effort for partisan superiority. It was not an effort to impugn the good will, good sense, and patriotism of those who questioned his policies.

Bottom line: I do not trust you, Bush, after so many lies. I believe that a vast number of Americans do not trust you. I believe that even many of those who once trusted you are at last questioning their judgment. I hope that there are enough of us at this point to want to see your lies exposed, and change the disastrous course you have set this country on.


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Yesssssssss!!! That was an excellent speech by Keith Olberman. I could not believe it! A man standing up and calling Bush the Liar he is!! A truthful moment, just like Chavez's & Ahmadinejad's excellent speeches. Finally, we see some Americans who have the ba*** to speak truth!

Thank you Peter for the link to last nights speech, that was on my to-do-list today.

A link you will love is You can watch their shows online now. A great show was on Frontline on Tuesday and will be shown again tonight called "The Return of the Taliban". You can also watch this show online if you go to PBS website and do a search for the show title then click to watch it online. Excellent coverage of the Taliban today. Bush will never let you know this stuff.

PK said...

Things are starting to heat up a tad, let's hope it continues on.