Monday, October 09, 2006

The Nightmare

I wake from this nightmare, Bush. It's a dark and stormy night... no, seriously, it's a dark and stormy night and there's this massive supertanker, its hold filled with a zillion billion barrels of crude. Oil, that is. Texas tea. Black gold... No, sorry, wrong story. Anyway, imagine this: black clouds, shrieking winds, towering waves, a rocky coastline up ahead. The captain's drunk. Okay, not drunk. He gave that up. He's blind. He's worse than blind because he thinks he is blessed with twenty-twenty vision. He has this big, stupid smile on his face as he stands at the helm of his ship, so proud to be its captain.

Well, the passengers... so, right, this isn't a supertanker after all, it turns out it's a kind of super cruise ship, with three hundred million people on board, and a bunch of the passengers look ahead and see the rocks and they all start yelling, "Change course! Change course! We're headed for the rocks!" But the captain, they discover, is not only blind, he's also deaf, and he doesn't hear their cries. "Trust me," he says. He has this vision of a rosy future. "Change course! Change course!" the people yell, more and more terrified as they approach the rocks. But the officers and crew all say, "No, no! We love our trusted leader, he can do no wrong! He's the great protector. He's the decider. He speaks to God. And better yet, God speaks to him!"

Meanwhile, the hundred foot rogue waves come speeding in from the open ocean at three hundred miles per hour and that dreadful grinding sound you hear comes from the metal of the hull as it begins to scrape the ragged rocks beneath... The whole ship shudders horribly...

And I wake up from this nightmare, Bush, and I hear the news about North Korea's nuclear test, and I realize that it wasn't a nightmare after all. It's just what's happening.


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Congratulations North Korea! You have now joined USA and few others in using Nuclear weapons for deterrence/defense. Hopefully, we will now treat you well and stop using threats directed at you. Instead, maybe we can help you with trade, food and other items humans need.

Since Neo-Cons only know force, I hope you can help out Iran bolster their self defenses. Anyways, best wishes and welcome to your bright new future!

PK said...

Hi Peter. Knew that one was coming. Once you have it, there is no fear of the other guy. But wait! The UN comes, maybe, to the rescue and sanctions North Korea... Gringo, it will be a new future, and if all aren't careful... it will be bright. Leave us pray that there won't be nuclear weapons in Iran, only energy they have the right to have. So sorry my friend, but as for the loose cannons having this sort of power, I can not agree with you. Poor Einstein must be turning in his grave about now. Go read the book Hiroshima, then once you have, tell me you want to see North Korea and Iran with these horrid weapons of mass destruction. If they were ever to land on our soil, it would be devastating. There is also the chance of a chain reaction, want to be part of it? I have 5 adult children and 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, I really would like to see them live out their lives. I don't want to be a part of 'a bright new future', one without much of anything left... Have a nice evening:).

GringoWithoutBorders said...

All talk. North Korea will join the rest of the nuclear powers. Sanctions will not endure and North Korea will get the food and stuff it needs. Unless dumb war mongerers keep threatening NK.

Who may I ask has North Korea threatened??? Please identify who they are threatening. Anyone.

Yes, read the book on Hiroshima and remember who dropped that on 100% civillians, not once but twice. They are still living with those horrors today.

Eventually, every country will have nuclear weapons for self defense/deterrence. Hopefully, that will end all military land wars. Einstein will be proud. Would Einstein be proud of USA actions in the world? Yea right.

Loose cannons??? Who has attacked more countries around the world? North Korea, Iran or USA?????? Who has their own children to protect against USA threats and desires of dominance.

Is the sky falling yet? Nuclear weapons only use is for defense as no offense can be used without your own self destruction. And yes, I believe it is western christians who believe in Armageddon and want to see it happen. That is their religion and crazy belief system, if you really want to talk about crazy people.

PK said...

Wow! Hey Gringo, just a short question. Do you always stay perpetually angry at everyone, or do you come out of that long enough to have dialogue with other people? No, my friend, Einstein regretted that bomb the rest of his life... you need to read up on him a tad. He would be far from proud. As far as Hiroshima, you missed the point Gringo. How would you like to try to get someone out of a river, only to come away with outer skin sliding off of their flesh? There are many points, unfortunately that you have missed... in your anger... but yes, Bush does have a crazy belief system:).

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Actually PK, I am not angry at North Korea at all :-), which is a sovereign nation and has every right to do whatever it wants inside their boundaries. I am, tired of all these chicken littles, saying the sky is falling and spreading hate and fear everywhere. What is good for the goose is good for the gander I beleive.

I am always amazed at those who cannot understand other nations, which are just as patriotic as you and want to protect their own country from invasion. But I guess you would say others hate their country, hate their children, hate their wives ect... What hate some feel towards others they do not know.

If one really wants to be honest with themselves, then look at what countries have invaded anothers land and are occupying said land. They are the evil ones but I guess more double speak will cover up their crimes, right PK ;-) In fact, what country will not sign NPT or allow inspectors in their nuclear sites? Could it be the same country that has already invaded another people, occupied them and attacked Lebanon recently. Where is your integrity PK?

Maybe you would like USA to be the only ones who can make peoples skin come off(PK, napalm will also do that, oops more of our crimes against humanity). Why did we nuke Japan? Because they could not do it to us. Well, now NK can protect themselves against our bombs and I say good for them!

Examples of Double Speak:
USA is world largest arms dealer
USA has illegally invaded Iraq
USA is killing other nations citizens
USA Pres, crazier then anyone
USA is a threat to world peace
USA is developing even deadlier nukes
USA tested nukes over 200 times
USA is militarizing space
USA has war ships right next to NK
USA is threatening others

Quit using double speak to blame others, so you can sidestep the evilness of your own country's actions. Furthermore, have you ever met NK Dictator or are you simply being a parrot and saying what others say even though they have never met him either. Maybe you should try and see the positive in others? Maybe put yourself in their shoes? Don’t be a hater PK, turn off your TV and think.

PS. If nukes were used as a deterrent to end land wars, I think the pacifist Einstein would be fine with that, he was probably upset that WE actually DID USE them on fellow humans, oops I mean slant eye chink heathens.

PK said...

You speak a lot for me, but I don't think that way. You put words into my mouth, and thoughts into my head that aren't there. You don't read what I say, you jump back into your own thoughts with no thought of dialogue between us:(. I think that from now on I shall not try to have a communication that is only one way. Maybe someday you will see what you are doing, I hope so. Peace and light Gringo...