Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Review: The Real Bush Diaries
While awaiting the great thoughts for the day, Bush, you (and I hope others) might care to check out this nice review of our book.

Deep Thoughts Going On
I have to sit and think a while this morning, Bush. There's a piece I want to write and it involves a little more reading than I have time for right now, and a lot more thought. So sit tight, okay? Patience. And don't forget to come back later... I promise you some really good stuff to be mulling over.

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GringoWithoutBorders said...


President Bush has called "for the withdrawl of all Iraqis from Iraq" just joking.

Looking forward to Peter's thoughts. Please tell me it is in regards to our support of Israel arresting (please see kidnapping in dictionary) 30 duly elected Palestinian officials over the past 6 weeks. Afterall, the world knows how much we support democracy in the Middle East. just joking. I'm full of laughs today.

Many Americans who swallow USA media in full believe Iran touched off the Lebanon crisis. FALSE. Hezbola said on day 1 that they were surprised at what Israel did, they had no clue they would do this. In fact, with virtually no media coverage of what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians during the same time, I would venture to say Israel used Lebanon to cover up their continued destruction of Palestine and the kidnapping of duly elected Palestinian officials, which again is a violation of international law along with the many UN resolutions Israel continues to violate. ooops we can only talk about the single UN violation of Hezbola, sorry.

How about talking about the new Race based "Survivor" television show where you have 4 teams/tribes: 1 Asian team, 1 Black team, 1 Latin team, 1 white team. I hear it will be filmed in Israel. just joking. But how can those on USA TV who criticize this race based show for separating people based on race, loudly support the real life example of a racist country/tribe called Israel???