Friday, August 11, 2006

The London Terrorist Arrests

Congratulations to Tony Blair's government and the British police on a successful outcome to what appears to have been a thorough intelligence operation. It has always been my opinion, as you know, Bush, that the terrorist threat is best addressed as a police and intelligence problem, and that this whole "war on terrorism" is a delusion. Its greatest success is the breeding of more terrorists than it kills. In this instance, lives were saved, arrests were made, suspected terrorists were taken out of the game, and more knowledge was gained to make their future operations more difficult.

Granted, this was a dire and imminent threat, but does that make it necessary for you and your people to seize upon it so immediately to make political hay? Yourself, Bush: "This is a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists, who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom. [...] It's a mistake," you added, "to believe there is no threat to the United States." And your Cheney, the day before the arrests--surely in full knowledge that they were about to happen--made this comment about the Connecticut election results: "It's an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Democratic Party, to see a man like Lieberman pushed aside because of his willingness to support an aggressive posture in terms of our national security strategy." He added that the rejection of Lieberman would encourage "al Qaeda types."

So now, with elections in sight, we can expect a chorus of Republican voices accusing their Democratic opponents of being "soft on terrorism" and failing to "protect the American people"--a feat for which you once again claimed credit yesterday. Backed up by the daily experience of airport lines and terror alerts, such words are likely to be heard by an electorate that seems to swallow such drivel without scepticism or critical appraisal.

Speaking of your Cheney, Bush, I note from yesterday's New York Times that he's also busy in the Middle East catastrophe, pushing his aggressively imperalist vison of America's role in the world through the agency of his man Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra infamy (he was pardoned, as I recall, Bush, by your father back in 1992, for his role in that nefarious affair.) With Abrams apparently prompting at her elbow, your Rice has effecitvely ruined America's trusted reputation as an honest broker by endlessly delaying the cease-fire that might--even temporarily--have staunched the flow of blood: the impression created in the Arab world is clearly that this country is prepared to sacrifice Arab lives in order to allow Israel to gain the upper hand in the conflict. All the noble talk about addressing the root causes must sound like empty rhetoric to those whose homes and very lives are threatened by the rain of bombs, and those who sympathize with them.

It sounds like empty rhetoric to me, Bush, to hear you spouting aggressive words about the war on terror when I see the results of the anger and hatred that it breeds. Your voice--along with the voices of your Rice, your Cheney, your Rumsfled--keep assuring us that we are making progress, that we are protected by your strategies, that the world will be a safer and more peaceful place where democracies can thrive... But I don't see it, Bush. I look around, I see one disaster following another. The world is everywhere in a dangerous state of chaos and confusion, and our actions do nothing to bring security or clarity to the mess. In the midst of it all, you and your people have the balls to loudly proclaim that the Democrats are soft on terror, and lack the vision to make things better! As the saying goes, Bush, what a crock!


Fred said...

I agree with your assessment of the nature of the threat and the counter-productiveness of the Bush "war on terror". There are now thousands more radicalized Arabs with excellent reasons to hate the U.S. than there were in 2003. Is stupidity really the "American Disease" as Norman Mailer suggests? I wonder.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

I also agree, this so called war on terror should use law enforcement and through treating others in the international world as we treat ourselves domestically by changing our evil Foreign Policy decisions. Not by bombing people with Tanks & Jets with 20 year old kids kicking in doors.

However, I would caution that one is innocent until proven guilty. Sure sounds like they have been convicted already. What ever happened to the guys caught in Florida? This could just as easily be some guys talking about this stuff on a blog or just man to man dreaming of destroying the evil USA with no real capability just lots of words because they are angry. Who really knows, we use propaganda to serve our governments policy and protect the power of out leaders.

I dont want to sound conspiritorial but one COULD wonder why these stories always seem to come out prior to elections. Say bye-bye Democrats.

Peter said, "the impression created in the Arab world is clearly that this country is prepared to sacrifice Arab lives in order to allow Israel to gain the upper hand in the conflict."

The impression appears to be FACTUAL.

TheSarc said...

New Article: Terrorists "1 for 2" in Airline Murder Plots, Tie Breaker set for 2011

dennis said...

Marc Ash writes: "Since, Mr. Bush, you have chosen to put the issue of fascism before the public, it begs a broader dialog on fascism's role in our lives today. I accept the challenge to enter that dialog. Frankly Mr. Bush, many Americans refer to you as a fascist."

denn said...

And who pays for it all? The people. The aristocrats ride around in private jets.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Do we really know anything about this plot. No we dont, only what Bush & Blair say. Do you trust them? I guess only rich white men are innocent until proven guilty.

Here is how this could be played in Karl Roves politics. Yes I know it is CRAZY but I do not put anything past these guys anymore. They have no credibility with me.

USA finds these guys talking about their David & Goliath DREAMS of hurting air travel or indirectly USA/Britain. Talk is talk, did they ever DO anything? Are they even capable USA keeps the card in their pocket until they can gain a benefit. American Elections get closer so USA allows Britain to go public and take credit since Blair needs some domestic help and USA does not want to be seen before elections as causing fear to influence elections. Both come out smelling like roses.

Who REALLY knows what this is. I for one do not trust Bush or this government at ALL. Yes Bush, because of all your past lies and distortions I dont believe a thing YOU say or do. Who cares what the media says, they are American propaganda machines who repeat what Bush or Blair or Olmert want said.