Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brian Williams Interview

It's Not About the Image...

... Bush, it's about the substance. Caught just a glimpse of your interview with NBC's Brian Williams this morning, before moving on to better things. I heard you insist for the zillionth time that the Iraq war was the right thing to do. You admitted that it wasn't Iraq that attacked on 9/11, but went straight from there to sayin that you had never claimed it was Saddam who had attacked us. Untrue. You may not have put it in those exact words, but you and your administration spent months in the attempt to persuade the American people of just that, in order to justify your invasion. Successfully, it appears. We had a new acquaintance over at our house last night who came out and said it: he still believed Iraq had something to do with that attack.

Wneh asked about the opinion of the rest of the world and the hostility to our policies, you were quick to attribute this to a poor public relations job. Not so. It's about the policies themselves, Bush. That's what's getting people riled up.

No more for now. I have something on my mind for later, though. If I find the time to get it written. Until then...


PK said...

Hmmm, poor public relations? He does have that, in spades! I saw a portion of that as I was going elsewhere on the TV. I just sighed, and went to PBS. Nothing new, he hasn't learned anything new... just so sad, and there are 2 more years of this. Wish I could just meditate it away, but I don't think I could do that 24/7/730.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Why can't the Democrats and media talking heads just come out and call Bush a lier everytime he opens his ignorant mouth. Bush is constantly lying and misleading people.

Idiot Dean with his repulsive Bushlike smirk comes out and says Democrats need not be scared of confronting Bush on wars and terrorism, yet then Dean says, "I was going to say a lot but I dont think I need to."

I'm sorry but the democrats are good for nothing and do not deserve to run this country if they cannot open their mouths and speak truth. I dont see any difference between Democrats and Republicans. Its all talk but no difference in actions. Big money and Lobby groups control all of them with MONEY. And please dont give me, "We dont control house or senate". The Democrats still have mouths that they do not use.

This country needs a revolution not simply electing Democrats to power. Who the heck do the Dems even have that has a backbone? Cant think of one.

Vigilante said...


Here's the dynamite lie I'm trying to uncover. heard it on the Count-Down presentation of the Brian Williams interview. I swear I did:

Bush says:

" I never thought about taking out Saddam Hussein before 9-11."

Or words to that effect.

Can anyone fooking find it?????

It's excluded from the published transcripts!

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Vigilante. I also heard that statement yesterday when I listened to Brian Williams interview on Google Video. You are right! It is no longer on the video clip.

Bush did say that he never thought of attacking or removing Saddam before 9/11.

I dont know, I spent 30 minutes trying to track it down. Best of luck.