Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Let's Take Him Out

Ah, Bush. We might have known. Pat Robertson reveals himself in his true Christian colors. Let's take him out. Hugo Chavez, that is. The elected leader of another sovereign country. It would be so simple. So much cheaper than another war. And a nice solution to the problem of another socialist in this hemisphere--the last thing we would want. A man who acts on his concern for social injustice, for the poor and hungry. How unchristian of him. Let's take him out. And while we're at it, why not take old Fidel, too? The man could last another twenty years.

Nice. And as yet no condemnation from your lips. Well, actually I can hear you say it now, Bush: "That's the great thing about America, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Everyone is entitled to speak his mind." Just what you said about Cindy Sheehan. Isn't Pat Robertson entitled to the same treatment as the mother of a dead soldier? Well, no. I don't happen to see it that way. Pat Robertson is not just any person. He ran for President. He speaks to--and for--millions of Americans. It's not too big a stretch to imagine some of them might see his words as a call to action. The man's words should be condemned, Bush. By you. Immediately. Forthrightly. Without reservation. And without waiting for the polls.

Enough for today, Bush. It's Wednesday. Ellie and I are back in town. It's real estate day. Have a good one.


David said...

Peter, what amazes me about Pat Robertson is not that he says such stupid things, but that anybody listens.

dennis said...

Peter and David: What amazes me is that they really ARE listening to Robertson. And adopting his opinions.
Cindy Sheehan IS speaking for millions. BushyBoy thinks she could sway some, so he came out saying she doesn't represent military families. You can always tell when he's doing damage control.
The base closing story today shows how much of a military state we are. Huge segment of the econmomy, and.....
...I just watched The Nueremburg Trials again. Last I saw it was about 40 years ago. Great cast, Tracy, Monty, Richard, Max, Dietrich, and surprisingly great, Judy Garland. That film should be required for citizenship. It shows how a country can slip into fascist ideals while the opposition sleeps. Most people in Germany went along with events.
A Polish friend of a friend recently told my friend that, what we are watching here, he watched happen in Poland.
Wouldn't that be something, if the US becomes the next fascist country in the world? If it isn't already.

PeterAtLarge said...

David & Dennis, thank you both for comments. Always good to hear from readers! Sometimes this blog-writing business feels like dropping a very small pebble down a very deep well! Your words of wisdom are most welcome.

David said...

In a deep well, a small pebble can make a big splash.

Pixie said...

Great Blog Peter!!

Ahhh, I just loved the whole Pat Robertson thing. What really suprised me was that it got so much coverage...I just kept saying that over and over.." I can't believe they're making such a big deal out of this" , I mean given some of the crack brained, ignorant BS that I've seen come out of the mouths of these people, why would this be singled out? I guess we've just gone so far off the deep end in this country that I'm shocked when the media actually does something right and pounces when they should.