Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bitter Anger

Hmmmm... I wonder, Bush, do these pages express the "bitter anger" I stand accused of by a reader (see "Comments", below)? I know that anger sometimes surfaces, when my judgment is provoked into believing you've done something really stupid or intemperate. That happens, yes. Even then, I try to recognize that the anger's mine. I try to put it out cleanly and not let it come sideways. And I always remember that I'm talking to myself as much as to you. But bitterness? I don't get that. There's a lot of sadness, about the state of things in the world, and a sense of shame, that we all allow ourselves to be led around as easily as we do, by politicians and the media. Bitterness? I honestly don't recognize that in myself. I'd say banter rather than bitterness. Serious banter, perhaps--but good-natured, for the most part. And divisiveness? I'd like to see more honest communication between "left", such as it is, and "right." Less in the way of gratuitous insult, accusation... Anyway, I always intended that the tone of this, our daily dialogue, should be friendly and courteous in its banter, but certainly not bitter. I'm sad to think that readers might interpret it that way. What do you think, Bush? And did you think any more about that stretch? I guess that Lance is visiting there today. Here's wishing you a great ride.

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