Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fish or Foul?

So what's it to be today, Bush? Fish or foul? By foul I'm referring, of course, to the current pedophilia alarm, the congressional hearings, and the arrest of your homeland security guy. To hear your Frist talk about it on the television this morning, we need to round them all up, pack them off to jail, and throw away the key. All well and good. But this is a sickness, Bush, not unlike your alcoholism, and what your Doctor (as he reminds us on ever possible occasion) Frist in his self-righteousness fails to understand is that punitive measures seldom work against sickness. I also believe that men (and women, quite possibly) have lusted for centuries in their hearts about wicked things like this, but that today they have much more opportunity to realize their nasty fantasies. That said, we do need to do what can be done to protect the young from predators.

Ah, and the fish... the great news for the day, the revelation of the discovery of that 375 million year-old fossil up in Canada. What a lark! A fish with legs--or a near equivalent to legs--capable of moving up out of the water and living on the land. A "missing link" between those original water dwellers and ourselves. Another nail in the coffin of creationism, Bush. It must be increasingly hard to continue to maintain that the world is six thousand years old, at least without flying in the face of growing evidence to support the gradual evolution of today's creatures from those ancient forms of life.

Anyway, listen, Bush, my time has been curtailed today. I spent the early hours with another visit to the doctor, trying to get to the bottom of the extreme fatigue and dizziness that has been plaguing me since that bout of the flu in Mexico City last month. He looked me over and ordered blood tests. More later. For now, watch out for those investigations, Bush. I hear how Scooter Libby has nailed you for authorizing the leaking of sensitive intelligence information on Iraq to the press! Not good, Bush. I'll be looking forward to watching you worm your way out of this one.

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PK said...

It seems everyone he puts on his payroll has a slight problem with something or other. As the saying goes...birds of a feather...