Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bring Back the Lions

So "religion is under attack in this country" say 80 percent of evangelical Christians, and 64 percent of American adults in a recent survey by the Anti Defamation League agree. Pity those poor Christians, Bush, who are deploring the loss of their God-given right to cast the first stone. Their ire, according to yesterday's Los Angeles Times report, is aroused especially by legal impediments to their right to publicly express their intolerance of homosexuality. "Think how marginalized racists are," exclaims one outraged Christian, Gregory S. Baylor, director of the Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Religious Freedom. "If we don't address this now, it will only get worse."

Not content with the damage they are doing world-wide, Bush, through their baleful influence on your policies on birth control and abortion, these "Christians" now seek to assure themselves the legal right to hate, broadcast their hatred, and to ride roughshod over the rights of others who do not happen to share their hatred. And to complain in the same breath that they are under attack. The sheer audacity is breathtaking.

You, Bush, often and loudly lay claim to powers of leadership. Is it not time for you to exercise those powers amongst those who apparently share your religious views? If you wish to demonstrate true leadership, talk to your followers. Here's a real chance to stand up and say, Enough! Persecution? I say, bring back the lions.

Anyway, today is the big D-Day, Bush. My persuasive powers and my arguments about the intolerable crowds at Easter week proved fruitless in the face of the much-hyped appeal of Disneyland. See you later...


Anonymous said...

If religion is under attack, it's because people are finally waking up to the cold hard fact that religion is one of the most dangerous threats to human survival. Religious groups are usually the ones behind terrorist acts, the ones impeding scientific research that could save us from deadly disease, and in their zeal, they commit the worst atrocities of which humans are capable. In particular, groups of Christians have been the perpetrators of some of the worst acts. "Bring Back The Lions" is just the defensive reaction of those of us wise enough to fear the unchecked power of a worldwide religion rife with corruption and intolerant of differing opinions. Keep up the great work, Peter!

dennis said...

Religion IS under attack. And deservedly so. But not the individual who is humble and sincere, who keeps his own doorstep clean. No, those who deserve rebuttal are those who believe superstitiously. And then join action groups and go out into the world to convert others. Theirs is a history of meddling in the affairs of other cultures and stirring up controversies where none exist. Dangerous fools.
Now it appears Bush is using gunboat diplomacy in Iran. And worse. There is rumor that not only plans have been made, but small actions have been taken and even people have been killed. http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/041106R.shtml.
When you return, Peter, there is much grist for your mill.