Sunday, November 13, 2005

Demise of Democracy, Pt.III

Well, Bush, remember the "Demise of Democracy" show I juried for the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art? I wrote about the selection process a while ago and then, more recently, about the opening event. We got a review in today's Orange County Register, and I thought you might be interested to see it. Not bad, I thought, to have it end up begging for a sequel! On the less pleasant side, I hear via the gallery's director that she has received hate mail and angry calls about the show--which may be another token of the show's success. From my point of view, it tends to prove the point: criticism of your administration--and your good self--is apparently not acceptable to some of your supporters. And there I thought that it was the healthy exercise of democracy itself!

This posted late Sunday in lieu of an entry tomorrow, Monday, which promises to be another hectic day, from dawn to dusk. I'll plan to spend some time with you on Tuesday. Until then, good hunting!


PK said... I thought of you while reading this. Also thought of our many men who went into these occupations oh so blind. Hell of a way to see what one didn't before.

dennis said...

Why should we be surprised that the militarists, people who believe in violence, among us resort to indtimidation and threats when their democracy does that which they don't like.