Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bird Day

Gobble, gobble, Bush. It's that day again. Daydreaming in bed this morning (and giving thanks, of course!) I found myself thinking about birds--in the context of your current predicament, that is: in the early days, I watched you preening like a peacock, and swooping to the attack like a rapacious hawk (or a thieving magpie.) I hesitate to mention the dreaded chicken, but the truth is I've always sensed that scattered presence behind the rooster's strut. It's a toss-up, of course, whether you choose to crow (then)or are maybe forced to eat it (now). We understand that you were gulled by your pee-wit intelligence, whose lies you and your people parroted endlessly to the nattering flock of us American sparrows. In this, you were undoubtedly egged on by your vulture of a vice-president and your popinjay (erstwhile) national security adviser. Anyway, you've ended up a sitting duck for the critics of your war and--do I dare to hope?--a lame one. Watch out, Bush, or your goose is cooked. Then we'd all give thanks. Meanwhile, though, have a happy Turkey Day. Cheep cheep.


PK said...

:):)good page! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's. Me and mine are enjoying our's. Everyone got a chuckle out of the page, and are trying to add to it around here.:):) A few have started poems adding the bird flu. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

hi peter,thanks. i loved reading about the bird brain as the vultures circle. lotttts of love to you, ellie, sarah , et al. stuart

Noe Gold said...

hey peter, the bird is the word
(b-b-b-bird bird bird
bird is the word
b-b-b-bird bird bird
bird is the word
...don't you know about the bird
everybody knows that
the bird is the word)

this bird has flown to dinner, but i'll leave you with another reference ...

[see response to your email for attachment that expresses my feelings]

love to you and ellie!


On 11/24/05 10:54 AM, "Peter Clothier" wrote:

Hello All, just to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day from Ellie and me. Thought you might get a chuckle from today's blog entry at Cheers, Peter

Anonymous said...

Chuckle, Chuckle and LOL, too with a vision of a Bush head on various bodies of birds. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ellie and Sarah


Lil and Leonard